From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Our World"

What do #vintage #sunglasses have to do with a hot girl riding a #bike half#naked? In the "real world", NOTHING, in our world, EVERYTHING! I constantly talk about how the only perception that is truly important is our own! The Vintage Frames Company mentality is to enjoy what we do and bring our dreams to fruition. Not to say my dreams are full of these types of images, but no matter how far fetched my dreams would be, we would still make them happen. My homie Derek G was the one who came up with this shoot, I borrowed the picture. What does this have to do with his #photography dreams? To the "real world" NOTHING, but to our world EVERYTHING! He woke up, deciding this is how we wanted to view the world, then went out, and made it happen. Does everyone on the planet necessarily have to view things in the same way as we do, NOPE! Do we really give a shit, FUCK NO! Another great example is the @40oz_van #rich#snapback. Does it have anything to do with how "wealthy" people are, NOPE! It has too do with a higher state of mind. What does it have to do with everyone In the "real world", NOTHING, in our world, EVERYTHING! Live for yourself, if people want to agree AWESOME, if they don't, we'll, that's their problem! It's#sunday and I'm outside building a fucking snowman that looks a lot like #tupac, why, because that's how I imagined my day going. Live for yourself, despite anything or anyone else, YOU are stuck with YOURSELF! Relationships and friendships will come and go, but at the end of all that there is only you! The best relationships in life are ones where you have similar views and goals, however if you don't compromising is important, but not at the cost of your dreams. Reality is created by someone who was driven enough to make their insanity come true. Remember that before thinking your ideas and dreams can never be reality.#morninginspiration #vintageframes