From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Self Confidence"

The greatest quality anyone can have is trust and confidence in themselves. The most attractive thing in life ISN'T looks, it's confidence. I have seen the ugliest dudes pickup the hottest chicks because of their overly contagious confidence. I have seen the supposed "underdog" prevail because that person stayed true to themselves. Confidence isn't about what #louboutin #sneakers you wear. It isn't about what #designer clothes you drape on yourself. It Isn't about what fancy#car you drive. Confidence comes from within and should be harnessed from what is underneath your clothes. People who feel naked and exposed wouldn't feel any different if they had a blanket on them. Personal insecurity is ones greatest weakness. It is time everyone realizes that they DON'T have to be like the rest of the world! They DON'T have to conform to society! They DON'T have to do anything they are not comfortable with! #2013 will quickly transform into the year of individuality. Society is finally at a point where they are starting to embrace the unknown. You may think this chick up top is #naked, but she is so comfortable with her own self image, she feels fully clothed! It's #friday and guess what all you maniacs, the sky ain't fucking falling so CHILL! Be proud of your failures, be humble about your accomplishments. If you haven't yet seized your moment, it's about that fucking time. As confident as that dude standing next to you in line may seem, he is probably equally as nervous as you are. Don't be afraid to expose yourself to the world. Your positivity will be electrifying! Who knows, you might start to feel so comfortable with yourself that you are the next person at the @asvpxrocky #concert rocking their tits out. #morninginspiration#vintageframes