Dunhill 6091 11 Sunglasses At The Vintage Chains Shop

Dunhill is a much heard of brand, best known for popularity amongst men’s eyewear in the ‘80s. This eyewear collection is classic, elegant, and of very high quality. Here at The Vintage Frames Company, we are known for carrying the widest collection of vintage Dunhill eyewear across the globe. The 6091 11 piece has recently been added to our archive at www.VintageFramesShop.com. This eyeglass has a clear lens, and a light brown gradient frame with a tint of beige. What really struck out to me personally was the arms/temples of this frame. It has a very GQ-esque, classy touch to it. The texture almost embodies a snake-skin texture. A classic design that is surprisingly hard to come by nowadays, this presented eyeglass is a timeless piece that I’m sure everybody wants to get their hands on.