Ray-Ban 5814 Sunglasses At The Vintage Frames Shop

Ray-Ban is a well-known leader in the eyewear industry, taking over the fashion industry in recent history. The designer provides frames for every-day occasions, with a motto that appeals to a large audience inclusive of every-day people. If you are looking for a new set of frames for a holiday getaway this month, or simply are just in need of something refreshing: this is where to go. The Ray-Ban 5814 is the typical aviator design, but with a uniquely bright coloured lens. The yellow-gold gives a specific illusion and look to each individual. It is a design that does not stray too far away from the classic design, but also brings a little bit of a new, fun, and refreshing glow. Check out www.TheVintageFramesShop.com for this and more from the Ray-Ban collection!