The Vintage Frames Company Intern: TheDeanOfFresh

My name is Dean Satchwell and I go by TheDeanOfFresh. I am honored to intern for a company I’ve been following since my days in collage, I’ve followed the vintage frames company for awhile and always admired not only their dope collection of vintage jewelry/glasses but the grind and work ethic they put in over the years, so this is truly a blessing and a dream come true to be here now as a intern. I’m into fashion, art and music but fashion in a passion of mine and I just like dope things. Coming from a small town (Danbury, CT) I am ecstatic on being able to relocate to Montreal, Canada. I’ve honestly never owned a pair of vintage jewelry as seen on the website (although I’ve done my fair share of window shopping) but I’d consider myself a vintage collector. I love vintage anything from clothes to furniture if its dope I want it! Being in the position I’m in now, I look forward to bringing my talents, skills and knowledge to the team.