From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Our Generation"

I'm often asked what my parents do for a living. My mother is a personal trainer, and my dad owns a custom upholstery company. What do those jobs have to do with VFC? NOTHING! #Vintage Frames Company was an idea conceived entirely from my insanity. It has nothing to do with my family. When put into a business context very often older so called "wiser" businessmen can't comprehend the fact that it wasn't handed to me. Very often their emotions of envy turn into egotistical rants pretty quick. My age, mixed with look, mixed with presence often make "older" businessmen underestimate our accomplishments. I always found it funny to be underestimated by people due to their personal egos, and then sending them home holding their tail between their legs. If nobody has taught you this yet, NEVER judge an opponent on preconceived notions. NEVER assume you are a lesser opponent in a business situation due to having an inferior amount of funds. I have seen people backdown in business disputes because they fear their opponents wealth. It is unfortunate, but often great wealth, comes with great ego, which causes great delusions. Never allow yourself to feel inferior in any business situation. I have seen giants fall to ants, and I have seen the poor TRUMP the wealthy. Never under estimate yourself in any situation! It's 2012 if you made it this far, there is a reason. It's #wednesday and the thing that makes me really fucking sad is seeing grown ass tycoons cry. Saggy #jeans, spiked #louboutin#sneakers, flashy #watch, and a mother fucking #grill is the CEO business attire for our generation. Like it or not it is our generations time. Rome wasn't built in a day, but that's only because OUR generation didn't build it. #morninginspiration#vintageframes