The Hux Hour: Dior D60

The Christian Dior D60 is an odd frame. In my collection I tend to stay away from frames like this. I'm afraid that they won't fit my face or sit on my ears weird. But the D60 was one frame I had to have. Dior's eye wear line was the stuff of legend before they allowed Safilo to take over production. Their frames ranged from outlandish statement pieces to subtle everyday wear. They catered to every one and did it well. The designs they dreamed up always stood out even with the more conventional frames. But they didn't just bring beautiful design, Dior used the finest materials. A majority of Dior frames were crafted from Optyl. Optyl is one of the most amazing materials to ever be produced.  It's super light, hypoallergenic, and even after years of use frames still retain the same luster they had when first made. But I digress, the D60 is a massive frame. Consisting of a flat top with huge oval huge lenses with wrap around temples. They look so crazy when you first see them but they're amazing and almost simple when worn. It's actually sophisticated and looks amazing when worn.  It almost makes me sad that Dior eye wear isn't as daring as used to be. But that's why I stick to vintage frames.