From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "United As One"

How many times do I arrive at an event and hear that my "staff" has already arrived even though they haven't. I was never sure wether to be angry that people fake their ties to Vintage Frames Company, or be flattered. I Sometimes feel life has turned into a constant "will the real slim shady please stand up" #MTVawards skit. I would have to say I believe my happiness and success to be attributed to my willingness to be myself. I'm a bit of a fucking maniac. I'm passionate about life, I'm erratic, I'm artistic, and sometimes I'm believed to even be from the future. Some people find that shit corny, and some people dig it. Regardless of their opinion I know who I am. This is more then most people can say. I have compiled a staff of like minded individuals with nothing in common. Not one of them would ever of come together in their social life, but under the VFC blanket they are united as one. I have created an environment for them to thrive and be themselves. The atmosphere may be hectic, but the passion for what we do can be felt in the air. Success starts with yourself, but is supported by a team. My team takes pride in our company and wears our logo proudly. They are given a chance to fly or die, and proved their validity to their position. Team building is a skill not something that can be forced. Chemistry is an art, not something that you can pretend to have. Whatever your squad may be, realize the importance of unity. It doesn't matter if you are the captain or work in the mail room, If you commit to something in life really commit. It's #tuesday and in a fucking game of red rover, my staff could call ANYONE over! Shouts to the VFC Crew for another year of insanity. Whoever said you have to be "schooled" to do a certain task must feel pretty fucking sad working in their cubical watching my guys rock from a sofa. Unity and teamwork are the key too success. You are only as powerful as the weakest link. I've seen to many people work to be "cool" and not enough work to "work". I'm proud to say I don't care who uses our name on a guestlist, because when VFC enters the stadium, you know we're in the building.#morninginspiration #vintageframes