R.O.C. Hot Pink Sunglasses At The Vintage Frames Shop

These frames are one of my personal favourites in our vintage eyewear archive. R.O.C. is a designer logo with a muse for style accessories, portraying their frames as an indispensible part of daily life that won’t go without notice. Having become one of the most innovative players in the modern frame game with their new outlook on eyewear, R.O.C.’s detailing is appreciated by many. The R.O.C. Hot Pink sunglasses are made for not just anyone, but rather someone confident in their style and ready to truly make a statement. The disfigured and oddly shaped blue-clear lens creates an oversized hexagon-like shape; this produces an almost 3-D and futuristic look. The temples are inverted to the opposite direction, and are pink in colour alongside the bridge of the frames. To sum up, everything about this R.O.C. frame is opposite of what the norm is—whether it be the shape or the colour combination. Yet it all seems to work to make a one-of-a-kind intricate design.