From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "Perspective"

When people come to the #vintage #frames #sunglasses office they are presented with thousands of frames, and many options for lenses. It's always interesting to see people's choices in terms of lenses. Essentially people are given the opportunity too choose what shade they want to see the world in. We have happy colours, dark colours, mixed tints, even wild mirrors. You can tell lots about a person from simply observing these choices. The same applies to everyday life. People may all be looking at the same thing, but everyone chooses what colour they want to see the world in. I have often had arguments with people who would look at pair of #christianlouboutin #sneaker soles and tell me they are black. You know they are red, I know they are red, but for some reason they say it is black. For whatever reason someone would do something stupid like this, people have every right to perceive things in different manner. We all view the same things in life, but we perceive them all very differently. The reason I point this out is because people spend too much time trying to convince others to see things their way. Who the fuck cares what other people see! The important thing is that you are happy looking at that thing in the way you see it. If people would put more time into "DOING" and less time into "CONVINCING", you would see a tremendous amount more productivity with ones time. It's #monday and today I want too see the fucking world in multicoloured glory, and nobody is going to fucking tell me otherwise. You are allowed too see things the way you want. Some will agree, some wont. At the end of the day we all have different opinions on the same subject. Success doesn't come from convincing the masses, it comes from being true too yourself. If we all saw the world in the same light, it would be a pretty fucking boring place to be. #morninginspiration #vintageframes