Machine Gun Kelly Rocks Club Soda In Montreal

On a Sunday evening while the snow was falling to the ground in the beautiful city of Montreal something magical took place. A show unlike any other that we have yet to see. Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK of Bad Boy entertainment graced the notorious Club Soda and gave the people a tremendous performance. He opened up the show with a boisterous 5 song soundcheck, the crowd was riled up and ready for more. Once the performance started there was no looking back. MGK was literally hanging from the rafters, giving 100% of himself to the audience. He even took the time to acknowledge a twitter follower. He pulled a girl on stage who had been tweeting him for a long time and said "I do see you, I do love you, thank you" this is something that I had never seen before. The look on the girls face was priceless, her night...nay her year had definitely been made.

This is the type of showmanship that Machine Gun Kelly brings to each and every performance. His energy filled up the entire room and everybody could feel it. If MGK is coming to your hometown you need to get out and pick up what hes putting down. Machine Gun Kelly is tearing up the game, making a name for himself and establishing himself as a conquering force.