From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "The Pen Is Mightier Then The Sword"

Before I even knew about what #gucci was, I would always see my grandfather dipping into this red and green case when I was very young. It seemed to be his pride possessions were kept in this sachet. I always thought it was #money or#watches, but when I finally opened it I was surprised to see its content was pens. From #cartier#chanel#montblanc and various other brands, at the time this meant nothing to me. Around the same time period I would get into lots of fights. For some reason I had yet learned to harness my emotions which ended up in un-called for scraps at school. One day being suspended from school my grandfather came to pick me up. He took me to his house and showed me his pen collection. I didn't see the relevance between pens and my getting into fights at school. He then said "the pen is mightier then the sword". Not to say that I didn't get into fights from that point on, but it made me conscious that where I was really lethal was with my words. All these backyard scrapers from high school ended doing fuck all with their lives. Still to this day they live vicariously through the memories of what was a "king of the schoolyard" mentality. I however learned to use my brain as a weapon and took on people in many different arenas. My words will always be more powerful then any physical blow. To command language is to really control the yard. Except this time, the yard isn't restricted to high school backyard gates, it consists of the world. It's #sunday and if you haven't caught on yet, those fucking people throwing their fists at their problems are just plane ignorant. Violence is a result of pure ignorance. Language is a sign of utmost intelligence. Proper words can be deadly. Physical wounds will always heal. Only you can decide which lane to choose. At the end of the day I would much rather be remembered for a dangerous mind, then dangerous fists.#morninginspiration #vintageframes