From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Keep It Moving"

Business is a hustle. The word #hustle gets a bad rap because for some reason it has sketchy connotations associated with it. Getting up early in the morning, putting on your clothes, going to work, providing for your family is a hustle as well. Everybody has there thing. Most have one hustle, the intelligent have many! In business there is always a struggle between visibility and secrecy. What is the proper balance to allow you to succeed, but not show all your cards? At the#mmg #concert last week in #miami I got hustled, yes HUSTLED in the bathroom playing find the ball. After loosing 1500 dollars and almost my #rolexand #christianlouboutin #sneakers I realized I just got taught the greatest business lesson of all, to KEEP IT MOVING. Imagine a business that keeps on moving, stops, shows you what's under the lid, and just when you are ready to pounce on it... POOF, it's ghost! Any successful endeavour keeps people guessing. Success is lost by letting people understand your ins and outs. Just because you think it's successful and see it working, doesn't mean the rest of the world understands it. Competitive edge is based on resources, but even more so on knowledge. Treat your business like a game of lids, and just when the competition is about to unfold what they think is under that lid, POOF, David Copperfield. It's #saturday make sure if you about to let someone look under that fucking lid that there ain't shit but dust underneath. Pride is knowing what YOU know and keeping it to yourself. As much as I may divulge business info everyday on #instagram, I never show anyone what's under our "lid". There is a happy balance between "public" and "private". To master that balance will ultimately make you control your game. The strong move in silence, and the weak stomp their feet. #morninginspiration #vintageframes