From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Business As Usual"

Life consists of chances, and choices. It is VERY rare to stumble upon "Chances" but it's everyone's right to make choices. Opportunities don't knock all the time, but they do knock. It is for you to determine the pros and cons of that situation. I would much rather of tried and failed, then of had failed to try. I like to give my best attempt to anything I engage in, you should too. If you feel something isn't going your way always stick it out. You cannot admit defeat until the very last moment. Most of the time "real" defeat is giving up before its over. Life isn't just about being #cool and stunting. #balmain jeans,#christianlouboutin #sneakers#cartier #watches are lots of fun, BUT they are worthless without respect. The most valuable thing I own and command is respect. I respect myself and the people around me. I am the first to show up, and the last to leave. I am in your face, and someone to lean on. At one point with all my good intentions, and dedication to anything I engage in I may feel the others parties aren't giving back. It is only at that time I will take my ball and go home. At the end of the day win or loose you won for trying. Nobody can ask more of you then giving your best. Your best is always good enough, just maybe not applied to that current situation you were in. There comes a point to pick up a hammer, knock down the wall, and return to "business as usual". It's #friday and it's a fucking bitch when reality sets in and you realize you aren't what you thought you are. The brutal reality is, it's better to happen now, then happen later. You control your destiny. Labor can be outsourced and so can blame. That doesn't make either one ok! If you tried and failed, I fuck with you all day. If you never tried at all, I can't say I'm behind you. If you thought you were something you were, and don't realize you are not... Well, then you are on your own.#morninginspiration #vintageframes