The Hux Hour: Carlo Alberto Ranger

I want to first say I know next to nothing of this frame. And that's tough for me to say considering that I like to consider my self an expert on vintage frames. But that's what makes this frame so amazing. It's not well known or even able to be looked up on Google (you'll only see my pics). In all honestly the Ranger is a pretty plain frame. Yet it's my go to frame when I just want to be chill. I get more compliments on it than most of  my other flashier frames. It's a massive frame but at the same time it's subtle unlike most other huge frames. It's made out of a tobacco colored acetate which I rarely see. So some parts are litter than the others and it some time looks like it's changing colors in the light . Best of all it's insanely light and comfortable to wear all day. Looking back on it it's crazy to me that I let these collect dust in my collection for a year before I had lenses cut for them and finally wore them . They're like my personal treasure that I know I'll never see any one else with. In a game where all the popular pieces are everywhere it's nice to find something that you can make your own.