From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Garbage Pail Kids"

If you think I come off looking crazy now, imagine what people thought before I had an international business reputation. My business started basically finding#beauty in people's garbage. My perception of #vintage #sunglasses was very different then the people that had them. They looked at me like a street rat purchasing garbage. I looked at it like people who were too blind to look beyond the surface. I would walk in purposely looking #poor; beat up #jeans#nike shoes with #dirty laces, fitted #cap, and busted #rolex watch. People would laugh at me thinking me wanting to buy their #fashion #frames was a joke. Fast forward about 7 years the same fucking people were calling my office in search of#vintagesunglasses. The same guy that they had laughed at in busted clothing walked into their store again. This time however he was dipped in #diamonds,#cazal #eyewear#rolex watch, #christianlouboutin #sneakers#balmainjeans, and a #montblanc pen in his #hat. These people who once thought I was a "garbage man" were now buying back their "garbage" at a HUGE premium. When I used to ask my grandfather for money for something expensive he would give me a slight fraction of the money and tell me to turn that amount into the amount I needed. This very quickly taught me to imagine things having a different face value. Give me over ripe vegetables, ill make soup. Hand me a 20, ill bring you back 200. Leave me on a beach, ill own the island. Give me a box of#boomboxes and #ghettoblasters, and watch me build a wall. It's #thursday and even if people are looking at you like a fucking garbage man, remember, garbage men get paid higher salaries then most! Perception is a reality. Your perception is YOUR reality. People perceiving without education is ignorance. Ignorance is your own worst enemy. If someone hands you a lemon, make a fucking juice stand. There are multiple ways to do things, only the wise examine all avenues. Hope that when people look at you they "count you out", that just means you have an easier way in. #morninginspiration #vintageframes