The Hux Hour: Porsche 5623


The Porsche 5623 will always hold a special place in my heart. It's the frame that started it all for me.  If fate didn't put these in my hands I would have never owned any sunglasses. But enough about me, the 5623 is the definition of a timeless frame. It's not overly gaudy or flashy. Yet it still stands out when seen. When you look at the frame you immediately notice the beautiful tear drop shaped gradient lenses. Which can be swapped out instantly with a flip of the middle latch. So you can change your look on the fly. I personally keep the carrying case with a spare set of lenses for when ever I wanna be cool and switch the lenses to surprise people.  Porsche knew they had a hit with this and produced an insane amount of colors for the lenses and the frames.

(Image courtesy of Loveiwear)

Be cool like the homie Eddie and get your self a pair.