From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "My Savanna"

My savanna is the #vintage #eyewear world. In this #jungle, I am the #king. I have fought my way through the competition, encountered predators, and picked my prey. I am standing at the top of the #rock holding my victory ball, not willing to give it up. Business survival is as animalistic as you get. You either eat, or be eaten! You either prey, or are prey. Too many times have I seen people mistake their enemies for adversaries. Too many times have I seen market share been taken away due to lack of attention. In #watches#rolex is the king of the jungle. It is a timeless #classic that holds value throughout the ages. In #shoes,#christianlouboutin is the one to contend with. They are not afraid to be different. In #leather#hermes holds the #throne. They will not compromise their integrity for anyone. In #fashion#vogue is the #bible. They dictate the climate in modern beauty. Whatever industry you are in wether you hold the podium or not, prepare yourself to battle it out on the savanna. Many people can hold market share, but there can only be one king. It's not enough just to have control of the ball. Your stance, posture, and ferocity need to be hardened in stone to survive. It's #wednesday and if you think your business arena is full of fucking care bears, you are missing the lions running at your from the side. If you got it, great. If you need it, GET IT. In business there are only ethics, NO rules. Aggressive tactics win the throne, but intelligent planning keeps it. I am proud of you if you got the throne, and I am behind you if you gonna take it. Either way, the savannah is yours to rule and today will be YOUR day to control the jungle.#morninginspiration #vintageframes