The Hux Hour: Emmanuelle Khanh 1000 GP

The Emmanuelle Khanh 1000 GP is one of the illest from the EK line. It may be one of the best frames of the 80's. Coming from one of the more outlandish brands in the sunglasses game, that's to be expected.  The Emmanuelle Khanh brand is known for its' huge, bold designs and liberal use of snake and lizard skins on their frames. The 1000 GP might be one of its' boldest frames, with its' massive size, gold bar sitting atop the frame, and the insane window panes on the temples, proudly wearing the EK logo. It's a frame that's almost impossible to ignore. Coming in a beautiful tortoise, black, & burgundy color, each one equally beautiful.  To this day, this frame is still coveted by collectors and celebs alike. The frame has been seen on 2 Chainz, Lady Gaga, our own Corey Shapiro, and other jiggy trendsetters.