From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "RICH State Of Mind"

The only failures in life are missing opportunities. I very often see people thrown opportunities only for them to not take it seriously. Very often people see the shine and glory of the outcomes, but don't have any respect for the trail to accomplish that. Some people see me as a flashy #mcm carrying,#christianlouboutin #sneaker wearing maniac. What they fail to understand is what it takes to get there. I have a son, and the best thing I can possibly teach him (when he can understand) is that he will NOT be the successor to my#vintage #fashion businesses. Vintage Frames Company was earned, NOT given to me. It was fired by drive, and inspired by #luxury. It was the battle scars that enabled the company to be lucrative enough to cover them with #designer#clothing. It was the sense of having ZERO entitlement that put me in these#louboutin #shoes. We are NOT what are parents are. We should NEVER have egos because of something someone else has done. There is nothing more frustrating then watching a novice fumble an opportunity because of a sense of being entitled. At my #company you start with the toilets, but if you are worthy, you can sit in our #throne. Closing doors based on ego is the greatest form of ignorance. Feeling too good to pick up your bags and travel at all ends of the night is going to cap your ceiling. If you live for the moment, and plan for the future you will be amazed where you can end up. You never know, one day you could be sitting next to the #mmg #boss #rickross and I at HIS round table. It's #mondayand if you weren't at your fucking office before everyone else today ready to be the best you possibly can, realize someone else was. Never feel that you ARE where you AREN'T. There is nothing more dangerous then someone who thinks they are fooling the world, but really they are only fooling themselves. #RICH is a state of mind, not a status passed to you by your parents. There is a whole sunny world out there, why try to live in the shadows of someone or something else.#morninginspiration #vintageframes