From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Nostalgia"

I am #notorious amongst my family and friends for being an excessive #sneaker collector since I am very young. For years I had collected and curated one of the illest #nike#reebok#adidas, and #gucci #shoes collection I had ever been exposed to. My #fashion sneaker collection became something I was well known for. The question I most often got, was WHY? Sneakers are marking points for different eras of my life. Nostalgically, they document my past. Their voyages tell the stories of the conquests, failures, and adventures of my life. Take these#christianlouboutin sneakers on the table. I found them in the #hotel when I woke up this morning. They belong to my homie @american_jeff. Every scuff, slash, and marking is forever imprinted in that #shoe. They will always tell the story of last night in #miami. Nostalgia is a personal thing. Some people get all chocked up on that shit, I use it as my drive. I remember wanting a pair of #bojackson #kicks back when I was young. My goal became to be able to purchase these for myself without my #family. The feeling of achievement that rushed through my body when I did was incredible. It became a memory that I have been able to harness to push through certain un-motivational moments. I also kept the sneakers I wore prior to that accomplishment. The battle scars on the #soles constantly remind me of what it really takes to hit the fucking pavement and get it. It's #sunday and as your fucking attorney, I advice you to get a Bermuda #shirt, a mother fucking fast car, and hit the concrete because while the world rests, IT'S GO TIME! Head to your closet, sneaker room, or wherever your #footwear may be. Wether you got a room full of #louboutin or#jordans it makes no difference. Pickup the most beat one and try to remember the adventures they took you on. The dumbest thing might help you get back to that memory that allows you to soar. Put that shit on one more time and remember what type of memories you created in them. It is most important in ones life too remember what it was like to walk a mile in YOUR OWN shoes.#morninginspiration #vintageframes