From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "RICH"

You often here me fucking around with my homies telling them how #rich they are. Some people think its a pretentious vibe I'm trying to portray, but you are DEAD ASS wrong. Rich is a state of mind. It's not about the newest #christianlouboutin #sneakers, how much #cash you have in your pockets, or even how many #diamonds are on your #cazal #sunglasses. Being RICH is having a wealthy state of mind. It stands for one having the ability to want to be part of a comfortable society. It stands for the want to better your family and friends. It stands for the need to be great. Some of my richest friends are the poorest on cash. However, they are healthy, they are positive, and they are striving for greatness. All this leads to a "RICH" life. @40oz_van and I created a #rich #hat to motivate our peers and followers to be about this state of mind. Putting on the #crown allows everyone to be part of a wealthy society and remember that we can, and WILL be great. It's #friday and if you're feeling "poor" but are fucking happy, then you are richer then most people. It is time to stand up and look at the world from a different point of view. Cash rules everything around... but NOT around me. The need for greatness and the drive to achieve are the richest parts of my life. Everything else come as a result of that strive. Whatever it is that motivates you wether materialistic or not hold on to it tight. If it's a pair of #louboutin, some #chanel, #rolex, a dope picture, whatever, use it to drive you. Today I'm about to pop on this cap and show the world not how "RICH" my pockets are, but how "RICH" my mind can be. #morninginspiration #vintageframes