From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Don't Judge By Appearance"

I am on my way to #Miami for #artbasel today. What started out to be a positive morning, turned very quickly into one of the most negative #travel experiences of my life. My greatest asset is the ability to control my temper. For those who know me personally know very well that this has been my greatest struggle. As I entered the #airport in #montreal due to my flashy appearance, the airline I choose to fly with decided to profile me and label me something that I am not. What started off by a manager taking her life's frustrations out on me will end in her loosing her job. I'm not going to go into her specific details, but I can tell you that she made the largest mistake of her now ending career. Too misjudge someone's education or character will result in your downfall. You never know what you will find lurking behind someone's shades. What appeared to her as a "criminal" was really an aggressive, over achieving contributor to this society. What was masked by #gold and #diamonds is a very intelligent opponent ready to go to great lengths to find justice. It's #wednesday and you better hope you didn't leave some educated prick on a fucking airline with 3 hours to plot his strategic retribution. Wether you are young, old, rich, poor NEVER judge someone by their appearance. The pure ignorance might be gotten away with once, even twice, but that third time could be career ending. Everyone deserves respect despite their appearance. You never know when you meet someone who might take their retribution to a different corporate level. Shouts to Magdalena Kaszyca for inspiring me to take a stance against profiling, uniform wearing, social midgets everywhere! Today you profiled the wrong diamond wearing prick as a criminal. NOW, it's my turn to take of my shades and play. #morninginspiration#vintageframes