From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Next Generation"

I have to stop before I write these inspirations and think not only if I really apply these things to my everyday life, but also, if I would teach them to my son. My life is rather public, but even more public at home. People believe there legacy to be a commercial entity, I believe it to be the next generation. While most people are concerned what the public thinks of them, I have a little one who looks at me even closer. He is not judging, he is admiring. In his eyes, there is nothing "Daddy" can do wrong. In my particular case, I have watched the fire in his eyes grow with every step. I already see that later in life, I will be unleashing another unstoppable force to walk this earth. I was fortunate enough to have strong role models in my life. Both my father and grandfather let me learn from their successes and failures. I was very far from sheltered, and was encouraged to explore. As young as you may be, there comes a time when you realize that there is someone or something that depends on you. In their eyes, you too can do no wrong. This realization doesn't have to only be for parents, if you look close enough, even without children, you will realize it applies to you. It's #tuesday and if the world has enough on their plate handling me, wait until I introduce my fucking son. There are all types of legacies. Everyone has a different way of approaching that subject. The only thing we leave in this world is memories. These sequence of events is what makes up the way we are remembered. Live for the now, but plan for the future. It is too easy to embrace the moment, and too easy to forget about the future. Despite all successes my legacy will be my son. It is my priority and drive in life. It fuels me everyday and makes me never give up. This is how I want to be remembered, how will you... #morninginspiration#vintageframes