From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Learn The Past"

This isn't another Knowledge is power post. I think y'all understand that shit by now. This isn't just a pic of me looking at a #vintage #cazal catalogue. This is a reminder of what sometimes we forget to examine when we are reviewing past history. Very often while trying to educate us on people's or company's past successes, we forget to examine their failures. Most often it is their failures that are most educating about their history. I never like to make an error twice. It happens that sometimes I do, but if I can prevent it, I always will. In a perfect world, you would be conscious enough too see other people's mistakes and avoid making them yourself. It is called being conscious of your surrounding. The greatest asset is taking everything in. Never taking shit for face value, and always thinking before jumping. Those extra 2 seconds to stop and think usually make the greatest difference. I fuck with people that do things balls out, but make sure you aren't putting them on a table where you gonna get them chopped off. It's#monday and if you watched Casino this weekend and were awed by the first part of the movie and not educated by the second half, watch it again, y'all fucked up. It's very hard to reproduce a successful endeavour from the past, but it's real easy to emulate their mistakes. When studying ones past it is very important to see the complete picture. Without the beginning, middle, and the end you didn't really see anything. Everyone learns what TO DO, only the real motherfuckers learn what NOT to do. #morninginspiration #vintageframes