Vintage Givenchy GV076 Bracelet at The Vintage Chains Shop!

Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy is one of the most popular designers at the moment and that's why I had to re-write the name 3 times, that's the respect they deserve. Their recent popularity for clothing features the Rottweiler with the open jaw that every rapper in the game been wearing. However, it was originally their runway clothing and jewellery that created the brand it is today. As I'm writting this blog, I'm looking at this vintage Givenchy GV076 coffee bean chain link bracelet we just received at the office and  I could confirm, Givenchy never disappoint me. This charming Vintage Givenchy bracelet could be worn for any occasions so head on over to the Vintage Chains Shop to see the worlds largest selection of designer vintage jewellery.