From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "The Power Of Speech"

The power of speech and the command of language is very important. Wether for intellectual reasons, or means of protection, words are more lethal then a sword. The joke in high school was that I could disarm the biggest and baddest with my dialect. What turned into my greatest asset, allowed me to engage with worthy opponents. People are never sure what they are going to get when I approach. Some people feel uncomfortable because of my look, others think I'm pure crazy. The surprise is when I open my mouth. No matter what you wear, what you do, or where you are from your ability to express yourself and command language is what will set you apart. People may visually stand out in a crowd, but that quickly fizzles when there are no words to back their presence. The importance of communication in any aspect of life is beyond important. Your means of expressing yourself will allow you to soar up above the masses. Even when engaging with opponents, fists will sting for minutes, word will scar forever. It's'#saturday and I am purposely sitting in a place where people are judging my fucking wild attire, little do they know I am more cultured and better spoken then the round table in which they are currently attending. Life comes down to one thing, intellect! Looks may open the door, but ignorance will be the first to shut it. Wars weren't won by strength, they conquered by wit. Instead of building your muscles, build your mind. People very often forget that the only person that comes out winning on fight night, is the one that built the fucking stadium.#morninginspiration #vintageframes