From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "The Power Of The Name"

Who the fuck is #chanel? Chanel has prevailed at the ultimate task in business, becoming a house hold name. Even though their price points are some what un-attainable, there are very few people who haven't heard of this #fashion #house. To identify something is to label that item. How does that all begin? With a name! The importance of branding in this society is uncanny. All businesses strive to create a reputation and be recognized. All entities want to become the "Kleenex brand" of their sector. After careful planning, and sometimes years of labor, a reputation is associated with that brand. What has taken years to create, can take seconds to destroy. It is for that reason one of the greatest lessons in life is to realize the power of the name. Realize that creating a name is only half the battle, maintaining that name is the other. It's #friday party people and rest and relaxation is for the weak and fucking lazy. If you have been able to create, or are still in the process of creating, it is time to realize the importance of your name. It is the one thing we live and die with. Nobody wants to be labeled with negativity, everyone wants to be seen in a positive light. Before using your name for something you aren't sure about, or are going to back, take a second, and examine all possible outcomes. The most extraordinary names have been able to be crushed overnight, and yours is too important to let that bullshit happen too.#morninginspiration #vintageframes