From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro : "The Core"

I know a lot of dudes that become bougie fucks as there businesses have grown. The one thing I never wanted was to change my core if and when success was attained. Too many people forget their roots and the struggle they went through to get where they are. Take my business for example. From the beginning of its time I was always the one knee deep in the trenches. Sometimes acquiring#sunglasses meant I had to travel to the filthiest warehouses in some of the most undesirable neighbourhoods on the planet. After digging I would be the one to clean the stock. There was NEVER a place to filthy or sketchy for me to go. At that point in my business I was ecstatic to sell any glasses at all! As my business grew, and the climate changed I may have acquired some new toys, but the core stayed the same. Never to fancy to get my fucking hands dirty. Never to bougie to dog my #sneakers, even if they are #louboutin. There is never any task that is beneath me. It is that attitude that grounds me and keeps me connected with my business and clientele. If you feel you are looking at this world from above, it's time to burst that balloon. Remember you started on the ground with the rest of us not with a silver spoon looking down on the world. It's#saturday and yes me and @paullabonte are #tv shopping on the street even though we are doing so in a fucking #porsche. Building a castle doesn't mean you have to look down from the top. It is often enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the people on the ground. Nobody likes someone who came up and stays up. It's fucking lonely at the top feeling you are better then others. Remember who you were and hopefully who you still are. I can't imagine your dreams of success were based around being able to forget how you got there and were you have been. #morninginspiration #vintageframes