From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Vintage Futuristic"

When I was a kid I imagined #2012 too look straight out of Robocop the movie. A large inspiration for my styling and dreaming was that one day I would be able to wear a robot suit. My past view of the future, or my "vintage futuristic" imagination is what contributed to the styling of my company. My imagination ran wild and as every year quickly approached #2012 I realized that this dream was getting further, and further from the truth. Even though I couldn't walk around in a robot suit ( or could I), I was still stuck on this idea. The idea of "vintage futuristic" styling is what allowed my mind to drift into a creative mind set. It is this creative mindset that allowed me to create Vintage Frames. What does VFC have to do with a robot suit? NOT A FUCKING THING! However, the visual thought of this future is what brings me to place a that allows me to create. It is so important to have imagination. Wether artistically or just for problem solving situations, it is your imagination that will allow you to prevail and create. It might only take the silliest shit to spark your imagination, but holding into that thought will allow you to soar. It's #wednesday and YES one day I might appear in a fucking robot suit. Even the dullest of jobs can be uplifted by imagination. The most ordinary shit can be seen in a different light. Life is what you perceive it to be, and how you allow yourself to see it. Even if a thought hasn't come to fruition, sometimes the memory is enough to light your creative mindset. The world is really nothing more then how you allow yourself to see it, and what you imagine it to be.#morninginspiration #vintageframes