From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Authentic"

Real authenticity cannot be duplicated. You cannot "bootleg" real. No matter what you do, the authentic will always shine through. In the #vintage #sunglassesindustry there is always some dude who thinks its cool and wants to dive into it. What keeps us ahead of the game? Authenticity and knowledge. Take these books for instance. What do they have to do with frames? NOTHING! What they do however is allow us to research the way products were visually merchandised in the past. The authenticity and care we put into our products just can't be matched. Every minor detail about the 70's 80's or 90's shopping experience is considered when we do our setups. We are diversely educated in every aspect of the product we purvey. We want to make sure it feels as If you are talking to someone who was selling these products when it was initially released. Who cares? We do! Passion, knowledge and drive contribute to authenticity. At the end of the day you can't "bootleg" the authentic. You can always "bootleg" the bootleg. It's #tuesday and if you think this only applies to the#vintagesunglasses industry FUCK is it going to hurt when reality hits! Being true to your reality, roots, and passion is what will ultimately make you succeed and hold market share. Trying to be something you are not is usually more of an effort then just being who you really are. To admit to yourself who you really are is what makes you authentic. Once you have conquered that, there isn't a fucking thing anyone can do to take that away. #morninginspiration #vintageframes