From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Chess Game"

Everyone goes about getting a competitive edge in their own way. Personally, I study my industry like I'm a detective. Even though I don't consider anyone to be my competition, I like to study the other "participants". A huge aspect of staying on top of your game is knowing the players. I spend a great amount of time researching the flow of my industry. I like to know everything that is going on. I study where products are going and coming from. I examine people's successes and failures. I pie graf market share. At the end of the day I can spit out a full blown market research report allowing me and my staff to stay one step ahead. The interesting thing you will find out about business is that many people know the right way to do things, but few people act on it. Too many times do I hear "good ideas". Too few occasions do I see them carried out. Business is a game of chess. At all times your opponents are looking to take your king, it is for this reason we keep around extra knights. Whatever market you are in, know where you stand. The best thing you can do in business is be honest with yourself about YOUR market position wether it is good or bad. It is only then you can really know if you are in "the game" or not. It's #friday so get ready to fucking rumble. Even if you are tired be prepared to work, because if you aren't I can guarantee you someone else in your market will. The best edge you can have is knowledge. Leaping into something with blind faith can work, but entering something knowing the field and players works more often. If you can stop, close your eyes, and think of your industry and opponents like a game of chess, you may realize that the lack of planning by your opponents might just leave you playing alone on the board. #morninginspiration #vintageframes