From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro : "The NO Answer"

No? Well fuck you! How many of you take NO as the final answer? Receiving a "NO" answer does not mean that you have lost or exhausted all your possibilities. It simply means you need to try another route. I real fucking maniac once told me that NO was just a starting point for negotiations. As out of his mind as he was, the truth is he was right! If everyone accepted "No" as a final answer there would have been very little evolution and progression. Very little would be accomplished, and life would be boring as hell. The determined take "NO" as a reason to work harder. Instead of seeing it as disappointment, we see it as motivation. I can't remember the last time in my business career a "NO" answer stopped me from doing anything. I would have to say that "NO" answers are what created my business. The supposed blockage points are what caused me to hurtle making the deliverers astonished and eat there words. Next time you get a "NO" answer, smile at the opposition and get ready, it's game time! It's #thursday and that fucking maniac I spoke about earlier just sold his company for almost a billion dollars, guess how many dick heads told him "NO" on the way! Never let an answer stop you in your tracks. If you are meant to do something and meant to be somewhere then get there at all costs! If you look at "NO" as a starting point and NOT a stopping point, you will see that the end of others journeys is just where yours is about to begin. #morninginspiration #vintageframes