From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Urban Jungle"

Even kings aren't born kings. Everyone starts equal. Some have more help along the way then others, but we all have chances to rule our domains. The most dangerous of cats started off looking like this. Docile, relaxed, new to the world. As they grow, a combination of knowledge and animal instincts kicks in to nurture it into the beast it will become later on. The same stands true in the urban jungle. There are some of us bred to rule the concrete. We roam the streets with the same hunger as a lion would roaming the Jungle. We mark our territory. We create our den. We defend against anyone coming for our rock. We honor a code. We walk proud. We hunt, or risk being hunted. We all have an animal instinct in us, time to tap into it and rule this jungle. It's #wednesday wake up, stand outside, and fucking roar. People might look at you crazy, but I guarantee they ain't gonna fuck with you! It's time to rule your jungle. Wether you are attacking a promotion, or attacking your competition, it's time to pounce! Nothing is going to be accomplished sitting in your den. We all have the chance to be king, today is your time. Strive for the highest rock, stand broad and tall, look down at that jungle whatever it may be, and let the world know that you are the king of this shit.#morninginspiration #vintageframes