Vintage Cazal Fever ... Catch it!

Cazal is one of the most important sunglasses brands from the mid-70s up until today. The brand was first launched in 1975 by renowned designer Cari Zalloni in West Germany. As legend has it Mr. Zalloni took the first 3 letters from his first and last name to make the brands name. Cari was the main creative force behind the company from the start. He believed that wearers of his signature eyewear seek originality and define themselves by their frame of mind and high standards. Every frame was first hand sketched by him and production is watched over until he was satisfied with the final product. Cazal frames are know for being of the highest quality. Cazal frames are hand painted, color injected with the highest quality Chinese lacquers, and use a very sophisticated 24kt gold plating technique to make sure the gold hardware never loses it's luster. Even to this day the original frames are still look as if they were just produced. Cazal frames came to prominence in the 1980s with the rise of the hip hop community. Labeled as "Cazzie Fever" many celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Stevie Wonder, Sammy Davis Junior, etc... could be seen in many of the models. They were so popular in fact that could be seen every where. From album covers, music videos on the street, and they even made the news when a few people were killed over pairs. Cazal frames are still at the forefront of eye wear fashion to this day. Almost 40 years from their original conception they can still be found on fashionable people and celebrities alike.

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