2 Chainz With Stevie Wonder in Shred&Sew T-Shirt And Vintage Paloma Picasso Chain From The Vintage Frames Company

My homie 2chainz just instagramed a rather legendary picture. Besides for the fact that he is wearing a custom Shred N Sew Versace T-shirt and a Vintage Paloma Picasso triple Gold Chain from the Vintage Frames Company, he is with one of my idols Stevie Wonder. Stevie is my favourite musician of all time. besides for the obvious musical reasons he overcame a huge downfall of being blind. Nothing stopped this man! Congrats to 2Chainz and Stevie Wonder, this is a historical picture! Shred n Sew is launching within the next 2 weeks! The Vintage Paloma Picasso Triple Gold Chain is available right now at www.VintageChainsShop.com