From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Dig Deeper, Think Beyond"

True story, the first pendent I ever wore was a #Jaguar pendent that was stolen from a #car. I can't take credit for stealing it, but I can take credit for rocking it with pride. The chain lasted about a week until my high school principal caught on to exactly what it was. He called my parents and they were pissed. My grandparents however laughed and said "it's not even gold". My response was that it was worth more in street credit then it's value in gold. From that point on I looked at things in different ways. For one I always examined what things were worth from their material form. In the other what weight or value it carried in other categories. Take #vintage #designer products for instance. They are usually worth more in the historical sense then they are worth in raw materials. It is to easy for someone to head into #gucci and cop the latest #sneaker. Now try to find the #OG 1980's #gucci loafer, now that's worth it's weight in respect. Sometimes there is more to the value of something then you can see from the surface. This stands true in any aspect of life. There is always the obvious value to an item, but only the wise examine its secondary value. It's #monday and if you still wondering why I was wearing a #Jaguar pendent on my neck, well y'all must have grown up on the other side of the fucking tracks. Value is only valid in surface material, however it can hold more weight in the eye of the beholder. Forget about face value, be brave enough to dig deeper. Be smart enough to think beyond. Money can buy decadence, but originality can command respect. Feel me? #morninginspiration #vintageframes