From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Look Beyond Stereotypes"

When I was a kid St-Henri was the place that my parents preferred I didn't venture too alone. Even as a teenager it definitely was not the area to be stunting. Fast forward about 20 years, all my businesses have bases of operation in that hood. It took a couple of pioneers to see beauty in what other people thought was an area so far gone it should be forgotten. These people got in early, developed, and will probably cash out the heaviest when it comes time. Their ability to see beyond stereotypes is what will ultimately equate to their future success. The same stands true in any business. The ability to look at something without stereotypes and follow the vision from current to future is what makes a smart business person. While most examine the immediate, few examine the future. The immediate may be fun for now, but it could potentially be a flash in the pan. Their is no way to really rush success. It is the patience to see something through and nurture it that will pay out in time. Instead of seeing some dumpy hood, try looking at it as an opportunity to develop and grow. It's #friday and if you live in#Montreal and are pretending you don't know where St-Henri is, it's just because you are too fucking afraid to admit you frequent all the lovely rub-n-tugs on the block... Lol. We see you, Don't front! Look past the first layer. Remove the second layer. Cut off the third layer. Do whatever it humanly takes to look at the core. Only then will you be able to see the real potential and beauty within. Peace to Val, Max, And Tony Fucking 2 meats... Y'all did a great job.#morninginspiration #vintageframes