From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Work Boots"

You know why they call these work boots? Simple, because when you put them on you should get to fucking work. Busted tongues, ripped laces, and scuffed toes, but guess what? They are still fucking walking! The soles are tough, The kick plates are rough, and at the top they are supported. They have walked though mud, stepped over fences, and kicked down doors. They have had shit dropped on them, they have been laughed at, but once again, they are still walking. I treat my timbs like I do my real life; like a non stop force. Who cares if you get scuffed! Who cares who steps on them! Who cares what you have to step in to get where you are going! A sole is built to last, and so are you. Don't replace something just because of a little ware. What makes the man is the journey he's taken, not the condition of his boots when he gets there. It's #thursday and if you are saddened by the condition of your fucking boots, you got this life all wrong. There is no satisfaction in things being handed to you. There is no accomplishment without struggle. There is no feeling of worth without scars. Knock off all that prestige shit you feel about your life. You want something, go and fucking get it. All you need is a way to get there. You are capable of walking miles and standing tall, even if you are in a busted ass pair of timbs.#morninginspiration #vintageframes