From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Give Back"

Quick fact; I used to own a clothing brand names Urban Freakout. I was 18, hungry as fuck, and determined to make my mark. The company was a visible success, but a monetary failure. My ego was so driven by visibility for the brand, my sponsorship dollars made me shut the doors. What did I get out of it? Just a life lesson. Was it valuable? Hell ya! I spent so much money supporting people and supporting events that didn't give back to me. Anyone who asked for sponsorship I was the first person to give funds or products. At the end of the day, I was left with nothing tangible and very little visibility from these donations. These days loads of people try to send me gear and stuff. I only give out my address to those Who have truly something I think I can support. I know the feeling of people waisting my time and money, and vowed not to do that to others. Generosity is not people accepting things from you, it is people who give back. In a world full of people with their hands out, be sure you are spending your hard earned money on giving something to someone that will give back. If not, it's more worth giving to a real charity. It's #tuesday and I am stunting like a motherfucker in this custom hoodie from @yeahlano feeling like I can take over the world. Sometimes instead of putting things into the hands of people with their hands out, you may want to just give them a high five. In a consumer society people always remember to consume, but few remember to give back. Karma is a full circle, try and make sure that link between you and others stay in tact so when your positive intentions come back around, there are no broken links#morninginspiration #vintageframes