From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Classic"

Classic is a term earned with time. It isn't a word used by someone to fast track their validity in life. Wine becomes fine with age, not by rushing the process. You cannot fake aging. It's a timed process something needs to go through to become classic. I am always blown away with the amount of respect we get from pioneers of our industry who roll through our office. The enthusiasm in their faces that we are documenting history make this whole thing worth while. Some people may be fooled into thinking "money" can buy them "classic" respect. My question for them was always the same. Are there people who exist that are sick enough to even fool themselves into creating a false sense of their own reality? People thought I was taking shots at someone with my post yesterday. Well, I was. The reality was they were too busy posting topless Instagram pics of themselves in the shower. My point wasn't to belittle them. It was more to use them as an example to better the "real" world around me. Real dudes hold a classic Lasonic Boombox, "fast trackers" hold the Urban Outfitters iPod version forcing a classic title on it. Everything happens with time. Hard work in the trenches can't be faked. I promise you people can tell real aging and battle scars from some faked process money can buy. It's #monday and if you still trying to #makemoves by taking pics of yourself in the fucking shower and posting it on Instagram , that must mean you have a real rich partner. If you want to have a classic on your hands, wait it out. Nobody likes to be given some false sense of reality. You may think you have fooled other people, but the reality is, you have only fooled yourself. Don't be that guy. Anything good is worth waiting for. The only thing that will speed up the process is working and having a clear direction of your goals. #morninginspiration #vintageframes