From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Money Can't Buy"

If y'all looking at this pic and thinking I'm dope because there is money in a bag, YOU'RE WRONG. Money is a very tricky thing. Is it really mine? Did I earn it? Is it flash money a partner gave me? Money doesn't represent success, it represents a portion of success. Respect and accomplishments is what really defines success. I know too many people who looked like Harry Potter through their youth, got some tattoos, found partners, and now think they are hot in the streets. The reality is, they are only hot in their minds. There is no shame in taking help from people around you, but thinking you have really done something because you are able to play with someone else's doe is mad corny! The same goes for head hunting. True strength is in a team. Trying to buy a portion of that team may not result in the same success as the previous project. At the end of the day some people want to be "cool" (usually because they were shitted on in their childhood) and some want to be successful. It is important to define the differences as it will be very easy to tell real cats from tattooed Harry Potters. It's#sunday, don't get fooled by corny cats pretending they are hot because of other people's fucking money. At the end of the day they are just a bunch of Cabbage Patch kids trying to #makemoves while making up for their painful youths. Don't be impressed by money. Be impressed by accomplishments. There is no struggle in borrowing, there is struggle in earning. Slogans and funny catch phrases are just that. Real dudes don't even have the time to come up with that shit as they are actually working. Start looking under people's clothes and tattoos, you may just realize you just found Harry Potter in a #halloween costume.#morninginspiration #vintageframes