From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Embrace The Differences"

My homie @mookeebyyuske made this fly tshirt. When I was rocking it last night someone came up to me, looked at my tshirt, and said "you are just misunderstood". This made me think about the different ways of interpretation. The refreshing thing about society is that very few people are the same. We are part of an eclectic mix that makes for a very interesting life on this planet. How boring would life be if we all saw things the same way. Some look at this shirt and see a parody. Some see relief. Some are a cry for help. Are any of them wrong? The answer is no. There really isn't any wrong answer when it comes to perception. As similar as we are all built, is as different as each of our minds work. Our individual perception is VERY important. It allows for growth and advancements in this world. As soon as we loose the right to perceive, we equally loose the right to grow. Instead of fighting opinions, embrace the differences between us all. We might be looking at the same thing, but we are allowed to see it in a different light. It's #saturday people, take that snobby fucking attitude and shove it up your ass. Who the fuck died and made you king! The only thing that isn't for debate on this earth is numbers. 1 + 1 will always be 2, but just about everything else can be seen differently. Before judging the world around you, think about the boring life we would all lead if we saw things the same way. Some look at me and see crazy, others see brilliance, and me, I see a maniac taking over the world two steps at a fucking time. Regardless what people see, I am who I am. Be who you want to be, just let others do the same. #morninginspiration#vintageframes