From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Labels"

G's, double gg's, OG's... Too many G's for me. The last time someone told me he was a G, my sly remark was "does it stand for Goof"? We live in a world where people make up their own labels. I think that's all a croc of shit. People should be knighted. Just because someone tells you they are something, doesn't mean it's necessarily true. I have witnessed to many people in the past get taken advantage of by people who claim labels for themselves. The brutal reality is someone can say they are anything they want, it doesn't mean it's so. Labels are earned. Like a seasoned vet with war medals, he didn't just purchase those, he earned them. It's too easy to claim, and way harder to earn. Society has become lazy. Success lies in doing, Not naming. Get out, walk around, and do something. Fuck all that name shit, it's time to earn your stripes. It's #friday people, don't get fucking lazy, the week ain't over! A shirt can fit a lot of stripes. It can hold lots of metals. It takes a long time to earn those marks. It's too easy to go out and buy them. You feel what I'm saying? #morninginspiration #vintageframes