"The House Always Wins" New Book By Author Paul Labonté Available Nov. 15th

Montreal has an abundance of creative minds. Some more so than others but very very few rival the man, the legend, Paul Labonté. Much of his inspiration comes from his up-bringing, growing up in the great city of Montreal Paul was exposed to a culture that not many others will ever come across. The mix of european flair with urban style has shaped Paul into one of the most sought after author/photographers in the city. Paul is a man of few words, however his work speaks volumes about his character. We are proud to call Mr. Paul Labonté a friend of The Vintage Frames Company, and we are looking forward to the release of his new book entitled "The House Always Wins" which will be available November 15th exclusively at WESC Montreal.
Don't hesitate as they are sure to go quick!

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