From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "The Game Of Life"

I think we can safely say I see things differently then others. Growing up my friends were addicted to video games. I can't honestly say I was really into them. The amount of time I found staring blankly at a controller allowed me to look at things in a different way. Many ask why my office is a #vintage #videogame#arcade if I'm not a gamer. My answer, to remind me of the game of life. I always found arcade game controllers particularly interesting. It simplified the actions that were really needed to succeed in life. When problems were thrown your way the simple survival tactic was to "dodge left", and "dodge right". When approaching any subject you put your "guard up". When you were certain on a decision you would put your "guard down". While others were living their dreams through fantasy video games, I was moulding mine after the simplicity of the controller. In life there are two types of people. Those who live their lives through a video game, and those who live the game of life. I play the game of life. It's #sundayand your "Call Of Duty" should be to get the fuck out of the house and into the real game. Too many people live their lives through fantasy. They exist only in worlds people have created for them to fantasize in. The game of life you gives you 1 life. There is not reset button, and you cannot push pause. It might be time you look at your life in this way. You might just realize the game of reality is more exhilarating then a fantasy game. #morninginspiration #vintageframes