From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "POP"

Some call me fucking crazy, others call me different, I prefer unique. Some see an Object as it is. Some can see beauty in any object. Some see things in a negative way. I get inspired by obscure things. Different objects and images lead my mind into a not so typical ponder. Take this bubble that landed on my finger. Some would say "oh, a bubble", but I think of lifestyle. It makes me think of people who make these false realities or "bubbles" if you will, where they feel they are better than ,and sheltered from society. I grew up around a very "bubble" society. As I drove back through my old hood today it was sad to see all these sheltered people who had their bubbles bursted. Most people go their whole lives with this pre-conceived notion and plan on how their life will be. Myself, I can't say the same. I grew up believing that every entrance needed an exit. Every plan "A" needed a plan "B". The success was getting in, and getting out. That my friend was an OG's classic. So what's my point? Well...! It's #saturday and if you been looking at the rest of the world through a fucking bubble, "POP", now what the fuck you going to do. Some of the most successful people came from nothing. The reality of life is there isn't a reality. If you are living a make believe sheltered life it may be time to join the rest of us. It may be funny for you to be looking out, but when that shit bursts, all those people you been staring at from within will be right there standing next to you and that just might be too "real" for YOUR "reality". #morninginspiration #vintageframes