From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Gentleman"

As I engage in opening up a Gentlemen's club I find others asking; what is a gentleman? When I was younger my grandfather would constantly tell me to be a gentleman. The word was so drilled into my head I think I may have even lacked full understanding at the beginning. A gentleman is a proper individual. A person who is proud and serious about their craft. When they come, they come correct. They stand tall and proud, living by the Honor of their word. They represent class. Wether on their own or in a group they represent properly. The worst thing to come across in life is people who don't live by this code. I can't fathom people not striving for excellence. What is life without drive? As I raise my son, I try to be a role model for him and the rest of the world. My antics may be outlandish , but beneath it all there is a sense of class and stature. Everyone wants to succeed in their lives. The first step is being proud enough in your life to call yourself a gentleman. It's #friday and if you are getting stocked thinking I'm opening some fucking strip club, once again, you are fucked up in the game! In life there are two types of people. Those who ARE and those who AREN'T. As vague as that statement is, a select few will understand what I mean. When we leave this earth everyone wants to be remembered for something. I can only imagine you wanting people remembering you as a Gentlemen, not some poison to this earth. Classy isn't just a manner of presentation, it is a sense of rules one lives by.#morninginspiration #vintageframes