From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "NONCONFORMIST"

Typically optical shops stay in one place. They usually are contained in one practice, sometimes with other stores. This is a formula that the industry had become comfortable with. Kids go to school, get their degree, make their shop, and work small hours and are content with the "normal" outcome they had expected. Most of them go to work in suits, some wear jeans. Products are conservative. The selection is basic. The store air is generally calm, music is usually soft. In walks a guy, big beard, pen in hat, bulldogs, huge #cazals,#louboutins, big #versace chain, loud car, and an #mcm passport holder. The owner of the optical shop greets him at the door. He then asks the shopper "what is it you do"? The shop owner almost gasps for air when the shopper replies "same thing as you". The scared almost confused look in the shop owners eye makes the shopper grin. He says to himself "no one is ready to deal with us". That shopper was me. That passport holder was the key to the travels that would allow me to operate globally. That fire in my eyes was the arrogance of knowing we were about to break walls and step on toes. That grin on my face was me knowing we were going to be fucking great at what we wanted to do. It's#thursday and If the industry that you are in is asking you to conform to its norms, tell it to fucking conform to yours! Just because people got comfortable doing things a certain way doesn't mean you have to abide and do things the same way. Don't listen to the industry talk. If you have an idea see it through. Trust me, when all those weak squares are seeing your face front page on their morning newspaper they will be choking on their fucking cereal.#morninginspiration #vintageframes