From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "RIP Dj Am"

I am constantly asked why I take the time to do these inspirations every morning. My answer is simple. If it helps even one person with their day, I feel rewarded. The notion of aspiring to help people came almost as a tribute to the person who inspired me; Dj Am. It takes a very special person to touch someone on a deeper level. Adam was this person for me. A prime example of a gentleman, AM lived to help his surrounding brothers. He worked hard to pave the way for his friends in an industry that needed some life and integrity. Despite his rockstar status, he always took the time to stop and help someone else. As he would say, "starve the ego". Much like the way he did I too formed a team around me. People that know that they can act on my behalf and vice versa. @jesseheifetz and the@fasinfrank crew are my team. Together, we try and benefit each other and an industry that needed a breath of fresh air. A strong team inspires within. They act as sounding boards for each others ideas. They have trust in each others ways as different as they may be. They comment honestly and without reserve should they feel the other is taking a wrong path. I am very lucky to have this team, but not everyone does. It is for that reason I write these posts. Everyone should have a sounding board, and everyone needs to feel part of a team. It's #wednesdayand if you are still wondering how to join our team, wake the fuck up and realize you are already a part of this. We have created a movement. No bullshit catch phrases, no bullshit slogans. We are all part of a group working to change our lives and the lives of others. If you have felt you don't have a home team, you are wrong. We ride together people. There is very few things we cannot accomplish alone, but NOTHING we can't achieve together. I give thanks everyday that even though Adam is no longer with us he was able to touch my life. Even though he isn't still with us, he will always be part of the team. Feel united. Let's fucking get it. #morninginspiration #vintageframes #ripdjam